Dans le cadre du programme du MS MISL, les élèves sont accompagnés dans la rédaction d’un article scientifique qui porte sur un sujet d’actualité dans le domaine des systèmes industriels et logistiques. Ces mémoires présentent une analyse exhaustive et apportent un regard original sur la thématique proposée.

Cette année, nous avons le plaisir de partager l’article “Electronic health record in the era of industry 4.0: the French example” qui a été présenté dans la 11th International Conference e-Health 2019, Jul 2019, qui a eu lieu à Porto (Portugal) en juillet 2019.

L’article, rédigé par Sarah Manard (Pr19), Niclas Vergos (Pr19), Simon Tamayo et Frédéric Fontane, est disponible dans ce lien.

Abstract: The recent implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in France is part of a more general process of digitizing information flows, as the world enters the fourth industrial revolution in a phenomenon known as Industry 4.0. Behind this concept lies the concern to allow Man to remain permanently in control of his destiny, despite an increasingly interconnected world (Internet of Things, cooperative robots, augmented reality, etc.). Accordingly, the implementation of EHR must guarantee the respect for the private life of each citizen. From this perspective, healthcare professionals will therefore have to constantly ensure the protection of medical confidentiality during Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This paper summarises the current state of the use of EHR in France. Based on a survey conducted by the European Commission to assess the deployment of digitalisation in the health sector in EU countries, this article aims to highlight the opportunities and perspectives that Industry 4.0 could bring to the health sector in France. However, this study also identifies a number of limits related to the application of such a system, the first of which is cyber threat or transhumanism. To this end, a SWOT matrix identifies the strengths and weaknesses related to the implementation of the French EHR.

Keywords: e-health, EHR, Electronic Health Record, Industry 4.0,

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Sarah Manard, Nicolas Vergos, Simon Tamayo, Frédéric Fontane. Electronic health record in the era of industry 4.0: the French example. International Conference e-Health 2019, Jul 2019, Porto, Portugal. ⟨hal-02191437v2⟩